Hipster Cloth

The only thing this cloth wearer is missing is a fringed crossbody bag.

I love this chest, but it’s very hard to match to.  Anyone who has suggestions for better shoulders/bracers/gloves, your input is appreciated.  Or maybe something better will come out in MoP.

The only Alliance-only piece is the boots (sandals) and there’s nothing equivalent that I’ve found for Horde.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t find something that works as well!

Shoulders – Sanguine Mantle

Chest – Watcher’s Tunic

Bracers – Bracers of the Bronze Flight (Heroic)

Gloves – Adept’s Gloves

Waist – Girdle of Ruination

Legs – Threadbare Trousers

Boots – Kurkenstoks

And for fun, here is my friend’s male tauren looking absolutely retro fabulous:

The shoulders were changed to Reinforced Woolen Shoulders for this, and this shows that a Horde toon can wear this outfit…if they don’t wear shoes.


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