Elven Druid

This is actually the transmog my druid uses.  But after realising that none of the pieces were druid-only, I couldn’t help but think this would look great on a blood elf.

Shoulders – Passive Resistor Spaulders (Heroic)

Chest – Vest of Restraint

Gloves – Heth’Jatari Battlegloves

Waist – Quicksand Belt

Legs – Nature-Stitched Kilt

Boots – Rooftop Griptoes

Helm – Cover of the Keepers matches thematically, but seemed to overpower the blood elf’s features when matched with the large shoulders.  I think it would work better with more neutral shoulders.


One thought on “Elven Druid

  1. Zidux says:

    I’m liking this set, especially the match between the legs and shoulders!

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