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Elven Druid

This is actually the transmog my druid uses.  But after realising that none of the pieces were druid-only, I couldn’t help but think this would look great on a blood elf.

Shoulders – Passive Resistor Spaulders (Heroic)

Chest – Vest of Restraint

Gloves – Heth’Jatari Battlegloves

Waist – Quicksand Belt

Legs – Nature-Stitched Kilt

Boots – Rooftop Griptoes

Helm – Cover of the Keepers matches thematically, but seemed to overpower the blood elf’s features when matched with the large shoulders.  I think it would work better with more neutral shoulders.


Casual Rogue

A very casual rogue set, jeans and a tank top.  The only thing in this set that is rogue-only are the shoulders, so another leather wearing class would be able to substitute a different pair of shoulders.

Shoulders – Nightslayer Shoulder Pads

Chest – Mixologist Tunic

Bracers – Righteous Bracers

Gloves – Fuzzy Gloves (Horde) or Morra’s Gloves (Alliance)

Waist – Bandit Cinch

Legs – Nice Shorts

Boots – Bandit Boots

Rogue Clubwear – 2.2k arena required.

This is my new favorite set, and I can’t even wear it.  The chest and gloves require 2200 rating in 3v3, 5v5, or rbg.  So for all the elite pvp’ers out there, you can now wreck kids in style.

One thing I love that you can’t see in the picture is the fact that the shoulders give off an aura of dark smoke.  It looks amazing.

Shoulders – Dark Phoenix Spaulders (Normal)

Chest – Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Leather Tunic (Elite)

Gloves – Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Leather Gloves (Elite)

Waist – Titan Forged Belt of Triumph

Legs – Peerless Leggings

Feet – Blighted Leather Footpads

Suggested Weapon – Kingsbane