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My Pally Valentine

This is obviously a Valentine’s Day inspired paladin set, but unfortunately requires pieces from Dragon Soul LFR, so they might be unobtainable by that time. ┬áSo if you want to set up this paladin’s V-Day outfit, get it before it’s too late.

While the majority of the paladin tier is from LFR, the gloves and boots are actually the Heroic versions, which reverse the color pattern in a way that I think contrasts nicely.  Naturally, the actual LFR pieces will work as well.

Shoulders – Mantle of Radiant Glory (LFR)

Chest – Breastplate of Radiant Glory (LFR)

Gloves – Gloves of Radiant Glory (Heroic)

Waist – Bloodscale Belt

Legs – Legplates of Radiant Glory (LFR)

Boots – Pillarfoot Greaves (Heroic)

Weapon – Ruthless Gladiator’s Greatsword (S10 Elite, now unobtainable)